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«My view on Great Britain»
As we with the daddy Great Britain opened

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My view on Great Britain Amelchenko Mary

As we with the daddy Great Britain opened.

We have begun with miscellaneous. I from analysis of the English language and London, and it(he) from a most ancient history of the peoples of Europe and finds archaeologs. Therefore we long did not understand each other and even slightly have not quarrelled. Thur Heyerdal, however, "is healthy" us has reconciled.

 But also, we together have opened rich capabilities Youth portal's about Great Britain ClickUK and in analysis of Great Britain and its(her) remarkables, and in analysis of the English language and scientific achievements of this great country with ancient and mysterious still while by a history.

  The Daddy has helped me to transform from "customer" of the information in the Internet, to the present of "producer" her(it), thanking, certainly, to a service charge-free hosting  Narod.ru  see what beautiful and clever page I has created! Where to look? (you read her(it)!;))))   And then Good luck " has smiled to me ", have sent me in business trip in the London. See, on a photo it I on a background of the London beauty. And here it is possible to see ours with the girlfriend of excursion on the London.  

The daddy laughs, that the business trips are a way of satisfaction of own curiosity for the another's score. Probably it(he) is right. Itself with me has not gone, as will not collect in any way in Canada in the visitors to Maxim - high my brother, son. Maxim for us too "computerman", but also diver  (it so the submariner - extremal is called). 

The "economical" daddy very much. Whether see to it(him) money to a decent boat are necessary to conduct marine and underwater expeditions(dispatches) in the Azov sea and to find the tombs, selected by the sea, of grandparents vikings and ruses. Promises, that we shall go then together directly on a method(reception,acceptance) to the queen of England! That to us to be exchanged! 

So, we shall begin. Vikings, hunnes, ruses, England, London, kurganes, tomb, antiquity everyones... Big Ben and Amelchenko Mary... For you the head is not turned yet? For me was turned in the beginning...

We therefore shall begin ours with the daddy conversation slowly. I by green colour shall set artful problems and very clever remarks to utter. That it(he) responded me on them, will be written black. 

The european historians from vikings conduct the score of years to two empires British (from Nordmanland) and Russian (from Kiev Russian).  

 When all began? The great campaign vikings behind oof and glory has begun about 800 years, After half of century of a beginning to be derivated Kiev Russian. We shall try to raise a curtain of centuries and to have a look further away. Curiously to know, what was before?! 

Grandparents vikings, - who they?

"... For them swords from Country of hunnes... " From verses of the court poet of a middle Ages from Scandinavia 

Original culture of the vikings including and combining skythian animal styleLet's talk we about what:

bullet About original culture vikings, including and combining skithian animal style to the snakes and dragons in an applied art. 
bulletLet's compare the facts of "biography" of western hunnes and another (not souveoni) people - grandparent vikings on a history of these militant peoples and archeological data 
bulletApart about the women warriors. The heritage of matriarchy (from savromatian-samatian-alanines) for vikings is confirmed by(with) archeological materials
bulletWomen-warriors from areas arranged for the Azov sea knew to itself the price and knew how to stand for itself, but then all has bothered to them (control of a vast facilities(economy) fairly has bothered, probably) and the historical development has received a powerful kick..., as by hurricane was carried by by epoch of Great resettlement of the peoples on all Europe and Northern Africa, has found the prolongation in a north of Europe. 

Very much all is curious, but if it is possible, about an archaeology and tombs is smaller, and about women-warriors it is possible and more in detail. From childhood dead very much I am afraid, though also medical attendant on formation. And still I want to update: you have come to such "light" thoughts?

Well that you! Itself! The interested support from past has helped me very much. I did not hope for such good luck at all... Well it is good, it is pleased of mysticism, we shall initiate with business
Code name of our lecture: " a Gift to the English queen by anniversary of board ";)) 

- I herald(promulgate) it with shudder from the flown surge gunny-alanian-vikings-russian black humour. 
So at what here swords of hunnes? About vikings started...

       I shall begin to not be sunk in a delicacy of their classification and nuances of know-how of manufacturing, but in too time I hope, that the steel of their cutting edges and in my arms will serve as the "iron" evidence of the verity of my working hypothesis in a part of genesis of alanines, gunno-alanian and them descendants. What qualities my syllable? And presentation what? - At a level?
To me is sad, what for Russian is not present while a history up to the maiden annals, whether and there is she(it) for the Normen (vikings)?
 Whether these will drain two " black holes " in one is dazzling a bright supernew star? Such bright, that " old Europe " should don the mask of the welder with superdark glass to avoid tears (pleasure, affliction, delight or unexpected enlightenment)!!! 

I something have not understood. For the Normen vikings too history is not present about the ninth century?

 So, something... As well as for the ruses. Only for us skiffs yes the slavs, and for them soueoni, But there here again "piles" of Roman gold!

I quote judgement of the foreign colleagues on mysterious destiny of the people of Scandinavia.

              " On a stretch(extent) almost thousand years, up to a great campaign begun approximately in 800 year AD, from the Scandinavian ports sailed vessels in looking ups of the markets, mining and grounds on beaches of the Baltic sea and Northern Atlantic. The historians till now argue, why this thin stream suddenly has turn intoed the mighty river. If to trust itself vikings, a reason - about which one tell their rockss with runes - was encompass byed to thrust(link) to glory and oof. "  

  I from the party of the pioneer would add to reasons inexhaustible biotic energy and high-gravity heredity descendants passionaries hunno-alanian and alanines.   The Pathology in a unsolved inconsistency "is necessary" and I ""want". 

Stay. Do not hurry up. Whence have undertaken in Scandinavia hunno-alanian with alanines? Why passionaries, what means this word?

And let's look a history of hunnes as introduces her(it) Gumilev. Passionaries his(its) favourite children. While their genes in the people are living, people is living also! They advance a history. About genes, I think it is not necessary to resemble? 

About genes - it is not necessary! The poet- Gumilev?

 Both historian, and geograph, and high thinker! In chronology of western hunnes on Gumilev I do not result in anything new, except for my usage her(it) for a position determination of Country of hunnes. The time will help to locate! A directly space physics any.;))

And still we shall consider a carved rock from an island Gotland. From serves for me by the evidence of a romantic genesis of hunnes and alanines descendants them, grandparents vikings, retold.
I think, that kenotaphes (tomb without skeletons of the people) vendeles and valsgardes of dumpings is rich, but mournful chord of heroic epoch of empire of hunnes. It is a monument to gunny-alanian bogatyrs. 

The daddy, I asked is smaller about tombs and skeletons!

 Not so experience! Inside itself from birth a very nice skeleton grow.;))).   Owes and get used. The medical worker you see. 

It - yes! Original turn of thought about my own skeleton... 

Though it is possible and about the queens... 

The black humour of a figure of a colour rock from Aylling has not opened descendants vikings, that, in my opinion, demonstrates it(him) more alanian a genesis. Be can by the queen vikings Asa and the contents of a figure of a rock is dictated.  

The linguistic communications(connections) of the German language and ancient Russian consolidate conclusions(injections) of a working hypothesis, and the evidences reduced in the concluding demonstrate, that they can be be to be multiplied and multiply...

 It is not necessary to skip. Have agreed to begin from swords vikings from them and start! 

Has coaxed. About a sword vikings.

        The Scandinavian swords are similar on russian (slavic). This type of weapons of a short-range combat, in judgement archaeologs, was formed in Western and Mean Europe to VIII to century. Let's consider, why this likeness could receive.

              Scandinavia. Time of campaigns vikings. In pavor all inshore cities of Europe. And in the poetic description of life of the soldiers of the generous master of Scandinavia of this period is discovered the mysterious quotation: // they the swords from Country of hunnes and fine women from east bathe in luxury, // For them; // their hearts in an anticipation of close battle Are pleased, // they are lighter uphill, their arms are torn to sculls...  

        In what a riddle? In these swords from Country of hunnes. The empire of hunnes was disorganized in middle V of century, and the epoch vikings starts with VII of century... Unless the quotation is not surprising? And where she(it) this Country of hunnes? And why suddenly russian swords so are similar with Scandinavian, what even the professionals confuse them? "Coval Ludota " on Scandinavian sword is unless not a discomfiture? 

What for Ludota such? 

Coval in transfer(translation) with slavic the blacksmith, and Ludota - slavic name means. Sword that "specialists" have defined(determined) as Scandinavian, because quality excellent(different), is decorated fairly, and steel of a cutting edge such, that the iron as a paper cuts. Representative Scandinavian sword! Where to the inept slavs to hold down such! Someone has guessed "to exhibit" a cutting edge sword by reagent. The placard (identification mark of the blacksmith) also was to a world..."Coval Ludota "!!!

        The chronology of western hunnes on Gumilev.               So, agrees Gumilev:

160 AD maiden mention of hunnes for the south of Russia Dionisij Perieget;
175-182 - the mention of hunnes repeats Ptolemey. The renovation of maps Ptolemey with localization of the peoples in a north from the Black sea can be looked for me on a site, the people of hunnes between bastarny and roxolanian is localized in present sands about Dniepers (on the left-hand coast of Dnieper near to an ostium of Dnieper);
360 - war of hunnes with union gotianes and alanines supported by Byzantium;
400 - output(exit) of hunnes on Danube;
405 - invasion of hunnes into Italy under command Rodagajs;
412 - Byzantian embassy in the bet of the leaders of hunnes in locale to a north from the Black sea;
430 - output(exit) of hunnes on Rhine;
434 - mors of the leader of hunnes Rigul, passage of power to Atilla and Bleda;
445 - Atilla has killed Bleda, phase progression on Balkan, the hunnes have reached up to Konstantinopol;
451- hunnes have reached Orlean and are halted in battle on Katalaunes to flatness. Mors of hunnes of bogatyrs;
452- invasions of hunnes into Italy, the apron plain of the river On. By the Roman emperor Pheodosian II is plundered the buy-out to the racketeer Atilla for maintenance(drift) from country is paid.
453-454 - mors Atilla, disorder of empire of hunnes;
463-468 - war of hunnes with Gotha. Act of sabotage Dengizich in Southern Panonia, withdrawal in steppe about Dniepers;
469 - rout of the leader of hunnes Dengizich by alanines under command Aspar.

On chronology is visible, that during 200 years with 160 for 360 years the hunnes with alanines were friends and, probably, went into an army alanian of union of the tribes. It is possible to read the evidences clashing with conclusions(injections) L.N. Gumilev, for me on a site.

     Why the conflicting with L.N. Gumilev? In what you do not refer? 

For me the riddle. It(he) in the transactions has put a historical problem: why the gangsters and çàáèÿêè-robbers hunnes 200 years order itself, as the lambs. That is why the Roman historians almost were silent about them. It was necessary to decide this problem. Were, there are, hunnes in an army for alanines, lived on a neighbourhood. Were friends by the tribes in a peace time. Were in the family ties. Then all was terminated. Alanianes to hunnes be not became necessary. (Search for the woman, as the French speak!)

That for them to search! For the historians all Don (Tanais) is populated women-warriors together with alanines!

              Is correct. So, after ten years' war, having plundered and having replaced alanines in the head of multitribal union, the hunnes became multiple and are strong. Their material base and the human reserves were in undercurrent of Volga, Don, Dnieper, and the bet of the leaders till 412 years was in steppes to a north from the Black sea.. It more than half of century from a beginning of war with alanines! ((412-360) =52 years). And more than two centuries from the moment of localization them Ptolemey ((412-182) =230 years). After wars and robberies on all Europe in flow ((468-412) =56 years) have receded hunnes all the same in steppe about Dniepers.  

After such analysis two solutions arise: or to consider(count) as Country of hunnes all Europe, or to limit by steppes about the Black sea.  

I tender to accept the second solution. (There are oppositions? - Let's discuss!)

In the logician you will not refuse! If the ground is called on a name of the people, and to search for her(it) it is necessary there, where the people this of lodes(veins) is longest!

  From here conclusion(injection), that swords of hunnes, and then the best Scandinavian swords were hammered in the south of East Europe, and were tested(experienced) in "business" and were applied on assigning in Western and Mean Europe, where them and find archaeologs.

Sword the weapon is not simple, it is necessary about it to remember and to concern a little differently, than to a clay pot, let even to the time determining!

To sword the soldier addressed on a name. Sword was for him(it) not only friend, but also as though favourite girlfriend... It is not simple weapon, but also divine thing from times of skiffs. Sword- a satellite of the true soldiers executed of bravery and a military valour.  

So, the swords of the best soldiers of the king vikings were not differently as from Country of hunnes! And as the swords were also the property of a kind and descended from the father to the son, we have the right to suspect, that they are obtained vikings from hunnes and from Country of hunnes.  

In a limit: the ãóíí-father entrusts sword to the son - viking! What? In my opinion is healthy, and without a mist of time!

    The Empire of Hunnes has dropped in Leta, and descendants them even more of three centuries, through eleven breeds transmitted from the father to the son eternal and magic (not differently!) swords from Country of hunnes. Here there is any riddle.

       The writers of activity about vikings.   " complain also of a similar fall in time was not kept of any written documents, which one would allow to learn(find out) about life of these settlers at first-hand (speech goes about the Normen who have moved in Scotland and on an island Men). Three hundred years of silence partition the messages on the maiden phase progressions, inherings of Peru of the Irish writers of the annals IX of century, and retelling of events by the writers Icelandic sags in the end XII of century ".

The daddy, authorize(resolve) I shall brag skill?! Having followed for this link, Youth portal about Great Britain you will get directly in Scotland and at the same time and will practise transfer(translation) from the English language. 

Is characteristic, that archaeologs spacefill(stuff) in this niche(well) by a rich scrap of silver, apparently, not presenting any concern for chronology and dating.                  

        About looking alike by Russian swords of swords Scandinavian, I think, to guess is not difficult(complex): ours polanian " zovomye Rus " just from these places, or absolutely neighbours, if also not the cognates " on a mother line ".  

And explanation! And then all practically appears in place .: and swords vikings from Country of hunnes, and overflowed the markets of poor Scandinavia Roman gold, and "armada" of rich dumpings without human skeletons on the ships(spacecrafts) under Stockholm, and queen of an Ace (alanian on a name) for vikings, and snakes - dragons together with skithian by animal style in art of northern people, and unprecedented rights for the women vikings, and all!               

Difference more than in three hundred years of silence of written sources about the settlers scandinavian in Scotland and on an island Men I to not explain I shall begin. I shall not take away bread with oil in the western colleagues. The western colleagues, attention! A magic number in it to a problem - 352! Good luck! 

It you by such exotic way invite of the colleagues to joint researches? Think will respond? If to look at the scientific publications of the log-book "Nature", the hope yours can be justified, and can and not be justified! 

Look, - interesting find european archaeologs, - a memorable carved rock from an island Gotland. 

a memorable carved rock from an island Gotland. Thank to the writers for the publication, but with their "acyanotic" description I categorically disagree. 
My treatment: In characters myth - were on a rock is echoed(mapped) process of transition from the people cavalryers to the people seamanes. Something similar was and for the ruses, only they have more motives of strife with the snakes (snake a phobia), and for vikings the mania on the snake pheelia (love to the snakes) is direct. Look, even here, on phallos a similar rock, contoured ornament from plexiform the snake.

And on top of a rock the appointment of the Snake Gorynych (cavalryer) with lady - (hunnian the man and alanian the woman) is figured. At the left, behind a back for cavalryer - mountain range Inyshan. The board(shield) with " solar (slavic) pagan is familiar " - "posoloni" (on the sun) bowled fiery sprocket. Probably and protective arms from alanines are removed(taken off). vaulting-horse hunnian of rock with the small "snake" head, and in arms cavalryer pole large, and with pole still imitation(simulation) of the snake hangs down - the tail is rotined, truth, only. alanian the woman has taken for a bridle vaulting-horse, the snake and has hung, as it(he) finishes at motion vaulting-horse with the cavalryer. Below vaulting-horse, not differently, city of plundered Europe. 

And the ship(spacecraft) of the fugitives from hostile environment of Europe is even lower - sails downwards on the rivers in Baltic, and there and Scandinavia not far. And on a rectangular sail " slavic pagan ornament - sown field ", and nose and carved stern for the ship(spacecraft) from the Russian epos - " decorated on snake and on animal " curled! Behind a steering oar on stern ours familiar - the Snake Gorynych drives directly in vikings! And in the bottom of a surge similar on vaulting-horses.  

By word - fairy tale, instead of find! Not differently as bilica-alanian the woman (magic, witch, Satana), that ahead in a boat sits and is composed. And carver on a rock for Roman gold is booked. The gift forever for inquisitive descendants manufactured!

Satana from the Baltic beaches! A thank to you for the hint from yours of ancient times! Excuse, if what not so! 

The daddy! You by a directly printed word with spirits of grandparents communicate. " The Small ants " on a skin do not run?! 

In a start(! by the begining of) of my historical surveys Small ants " really ran on a skin ", then has got used, there were they native. There were they "mine", "own", as grandparents from heroic past! 

So, - we resume talk. The heroes of hunnes have perished on a field of battle... 

The heroes of hunnes have perished on a field of battle on Katalaun to flatness per 451 years. All subsequent events in the chronicle of hunnes are stages(phases) agony of their empire, split and departure on initial boundaries in country of hunnes - in steppe for Dniepers.

For a part of hunnes these paths of departure were impossible. Are available in view of descendants alanian, left with hunnes on west. And with the wild cognates through link of hunnes him(it) was not on a path. Alanianes the cognates becoming mortal enemys, would not give the asylum escaped and them descendants, as those have finished the tribe up to an extreme limit, behind which one there was only mors. The tracks of tragedy till now are stored by(with) ancient Russian, folklore, epos and maiden annals! (the Germans kurganes on northern coast(littoral) Germanium in olden time called as "bed" of hunnes (Ilovajskij)).

Therefore path to departure from hostile environment of Western and Central Europe remained only one - on the poorly settled north of then Europe, on Baltic, in Scandinavia.  

Adventures of a romantic beginning and bright prolongation of a history etnogenesis hunno-alanines we have considered on a rock from an island Gotland, down to running away on the proximate sea - Baltic on chervlenian (decorated) ships(spacecrafts) with curled by a nose and stern and under rectangular sails, similar ships(spacecrafts) of the Russian epos.

The heroes have perished, whether but could they be hidden with all honours agrees alanian to customs? Is not present and not under what circumstances! The shadow of grandparents permanently would reproach dwelling. And any smog to tell, that the perished heroes in a world dead starve on carelessness descendants. A reproach for alanian intolerable! 

Noble for women-warriors there were customs. It helps the historians and archaeologs in renovation of past grandparents, but permanently, probably oppressed their mentality. Though now of infringements of our mentality, probably, it is not less. Not by gift the advertising "drips" daily on brains from "TV-box" - " Has paid taxes and sleep quietly! ";)))

Due to this custom of alanines and cult of reverence of grandparents, in a district Vendel to a north from Stockholm and nearby to Valsgarde there was on an eternal deadman " a present armada " - 29 richest dumpings on the ships(spacecrafts) are retrieved, which one archaeologs attribute to VII - VIII to centuries - period received a title " Vendel of epoch. "  

Characteristicly, that the leaders and heroes on their ships(spacecrafts) with weapon and all goods saw off in them last path on the mild fluvial ships(spacecrafts) suitable for sailing on the rivers and only for separate sorties in the sea.

Characteristicly, that in all tombs was not retrieved of any human skeleton (at completely empty stern). You see the heroes of hunnes lie in ground Katalaun of flatness. Therefore, these Vendel and Valsgarde of dumping obvious kenotaphen. Therefore to search for skeletons of the heroes it is necessary under Orlean and Paris, but not under Stockholm! 

Clever Babaricha, that has organized "issuing" this memorable rock from an island Gotland, is much cheaper and more understandably, than under kurgan "kenotaphen"! But as visually and in too time the directly wedding photo forever on a rock is romantic!  

The name Babaricha for you, Mary, Babaricha not so does(makes) elderly? Alanian, the mother of the emperor Maksiminus too called Ababa. Women-warriors did not avoid witchcraft and magic. In a mode were both paintings of a body, and "perfumery", both Greek wine, and clothes,(clothing,) decorated with golden threads, skirt with a cut(section,sectional view) from thigh, from east vaulting-horse and... Weapon. Those still were the woman of fashion!

 And look at a following photo. Ancient humour in flesh! Very ridiculously! The rock from Yelling   Again thank to the colleagues, also again disagree with their description...

Ancient humour in flesh! Very ridiculously! The rock from Yelling   Again thank to the colleagues, also again disagree with their description...  From hunnes " and their satellites " to all Europe too has got till the maiden number. 

On a rock the cyan Snake has entangled and strangle of next european prince of an early Middle ages in an image leon. For leon, not looking on clawes and " stick out " ears, the head is obvious not lion's - is small very much! The language for unfortunate already has fallen out from a dyspnea and it(he) will receive a now completing terrible sting in a neck, that supports the small silly head.  

Not without humour, however, thread, is obvious hunnian-alanian-viking of the booking.   the Colleague from western sites accurately "disentangle" silly little leon from embraces of the snake and show it(him) to us as the character courageous ancestors-vikings - Harold with cyan dents seems (by the way, snake too on a rock cyan). 

Than can I help? I can only condole. Leon how a character of the British corona , I think with a large head?!

 The errors happen. So at issuing the British Encyclopedia, I read somewhere, tens correctors were hired to avoid errors. Also what? - On the banner page of mass circulation of the book there was a golden stamping with a placard "ENCYCLOPUDIA"! A discomfiture with silly little leon, in my opinion, from the same field a berry  

Language borrowings jf the German language with female tangle.

Descend under the link, if want to acquaint with a retiring start(! by the begining of) of the linguistic substantiation of a working hypothesis.

What my working hypothesis: vikings, as well as the ruses, are descendants of early alanines, but on a female line, another ancestor vikings (on a man's line) are the western hunnes, well and natives of Scandinavia.

You not yet agree and wait for the new evidences?

 Also as I wait and than more and more convincingly, the better!  

 - Please!

  1.  In epoch precursor to campaigns vikings - epoch of great resettlement of the peoples - Scandinavia, and in particular its(her) shopping centers saturated with Roman gold. The western historians insist, that it due to barter. Main oof of the population of Scandinavia of those times was a grain, fish and cattle. These food brought on the south of Europe, can be and would cost more dearly(more expensively) than gold, but the fool becoming them at the price of gold and for gold to buy and to interchange would hardly be found!At the same time we with you know about fabulous oofs of hunnes (and in Roman gold too) precisely. So, if Roman gold as the goods of exchange with the poor Scandinavian population, not for meal, and for "residence permit" went!   The Roman patrimony, I think descendants alanian very much it was useful, - was on as children to bring up, and trizns to celebrate, both troops to arm, and fleet from drakkars and stability on islands to construct, and to live is not poor, both trade to organize, and memorable rockss to the foremans to book, and a facilities(economy) to get.
  2.  Dumpings under kurgans of the leaders on the ships(spacecrafts) with all goods, weapon, reserves, animal in a victim and front vaulting-horse in a harness I view as retrofit alanian katacomb, where the deckhouse on stern or stern of a river boat executed(designed) a role of a tomb.  For the ruses similar dumping under kurgan " a Black tomb " in Chernigov on Rybakov. Here not the ship(spacecraft), but dwelling. Such dumping is more generalpurpose, than katacomb (earthen crypt), as is suitable for any grounds, and not just for dense clays for the Azov sea. About skythian animal style, swords vikings, relics of matriarchy I already spoke. I shall add still pathological cruelty and hunnes, and vikings.  I recall a "popular" phrase of their movie - "... Nature of the Norman sustained! "
  3.  The Number of the pagan gods vikings makes on number only half from number of the pagan gods of the ruses. Probably in this schedule the slavs have appeared more rich heirs, than the natives of Scandinavia, and hunnes except for the world(global) snake in general nothing have introduced. Such my judgement.   Therefore vikings also found common language with the natives of Russian flatness. Languages were of one radical at first. Deities pagan, almost namesake. Tor and Perun, for example. 
  4.   Likeness of appearance, clothes(clothing), joint campaigns. Look, as are similar descendants of early alanines. Ibn Phaldan of the ruses with the inhabitants of Scandinavia almost does not distinguish. vikings with the ruses are almost amicable. At all events, vikings the impudent cognates (on a female line) behave on the rivers of Russian flatness, as.
  5.  Insisting on conservatism of national clothes(clothing), scientific underline, that the style shirts not only men in Scandinavia, but also women was similar to a style Russian shirts with lengthy and broad sleeves, which one for hands were seized by a tape.  Here most interesting! "Clothes", as you speak, - female passion. I think in museums of Great Britain and countries of Scandinavia will be is much model "packagings" the ladies ancestor all germanian both "angljan", and phranks ", and Danes and Scandinavian.
  6.  And about the maiden princes Russian and to speak there is nothing. Are artful, are aggressive, are cruel. Here blood of western hunnes (at identical alanian component) slavic blood at first acted more strongly. Bloods human per all centuries was poured not a little! Main reasons to that: the woman, authority(power), oof...

 Look at the heirs vikings  today. From vikings they conduct the score of years to two empires British (from Normandia) and Russian (from Kiev Russian).  

Well that, it is not a pity. I also help I can to the cognates, let very much - very much ancient.  

My gift: Normandia - the Country of hunnes is arranged in sacred for descendants a place - to west from a place of loss of hunny-alanian bogatyrs, and to the south from Kiev -!  ... And Roksolania;)))!!!

Receive a gift and undersign for the guest book!

To thank it is not necessary. It in the answer for the help in researches from yours Shatanej - Babariha - queen Asa!  

      By the way, as and alanian - synonyms on - alanian... (alanian - queen for vikings? Be it can not!;)))         

     Anything - ... a gift?! What? - Know "ours"!  

  Yes! Know "ours"! And why can not be? Karamzin retells the testimony of the geograph ravenes, dwelling in VII century and writing, that about Baltic, where the river Vistula runs into it(her), there is a fatherland roksolanian (from an ostium of Vistula up to Kursk embayment), in which one Karamzin wants to see the people ours slavic rossian, but we with you already guess, that it faster hunno-alanian the people ancestors vikings, though it is necessary still proofly to be disassembled to weigh all probabilities!   By the way, the natives from Scandinavia have learned the Baltic natives (ulmiganes and ulmigeres) to starts(! by the begining of) of culture, reading and letter. If such powerful flow of culture has gone through Scandinavia and women alanian (roksolanian), whether that is necessary to us to doubt, that similar (if not more powerful) the flow of culture has gone and through all remaining people roksolanian to the slavs - ants - poljanian.  

" Poljane, jage nyne zovomaja Rus "! - from "The Story of temporary years"?! It you to this result in the evidences? 

And the historians doubt, that the slavs had primary letter, and that up to glagolica and cyrillics the grandparents already knew writing, which one descendants " is customary haughtily " have estimated as primitive features and cuts. It(he) the Russian pejorative mentality!  

And descendants of the Normen are proud of the ancient rockss with runes by placards! 

About the ships(spacecrafts) vikings. I have not found for Tacitus about the ships(spacecrafts) of the natives of Scandinavia. I suspect, that in activity a misprint, as the campaigns in Britain at August are referred to V to century in the same place. It is suspicious, that the similar description about the similar ships(spacecrafts) for Tacitus is.  

Events of August - December 69 years at Vitteliy Avl. About the former slave Aniket, commander of imperial fleet Polemon's, king Pont's. About a design of the ships(spacecrafts) of the barbarians called kamars.  

            It is a lot of similar: the decent seaworthiness and manoeuvrability, acute nose and stern, narrow body, row sculls is possible in any party, and to dock to a coast and nose and stern. There are also distinctions(difference): constricted up sides, board, atop of sides at a turbulent sea, absence copper and iron clips. These features in the ships(spacecrafts) of the natives of Scandinavia by the writers are not marked. On the ships(spacecrafts) vikings is full iron clips for cementing boards of a body.

The trouble in that this quotation Tacitus describes kamars - the ships(spacecrafts) of the barbarians and pirates Pont's, and to Baltic and to the natives of Scandinavia, she(it) has no any attitude(relation). Then receives, that the invention kamars   not Greek or Roman, but barbarous, with Pont and on Baltic, if the ships(spacecrafts) vikings so are similar to him(it), - borrowed!

Though, certainly: Baltic - Mediterranean sea - 1,5 years. However in campaigns in Britain to Rome and one navigating sufficed; Baltic - Black sea - seven weeks.

   Navigators are difficultly attached to territories, as in strong gale they and sail not there, where want!   

And the ladies under an impression of my finds in a history of grandparents write verses!

In protection Gorynych! Well and well...! - Were lived descendants! 

On your version receives, that the grandparents vikings under a name of hunnes of european (hunnes-alanines) have replaced alanines in the head of multitribal alanian union. Having taken in the wife of the women of alanines, they became the successors Skytians-sarmatian of culture. The unexpected eligibility of hunnes of cultural tradition Skytians, people disappeared more than five centuries before depicted time, indirectly confirms the made supposition.  

 An analysis(disassembly) of the version Thur's Heyerdal, and also archaeologs from Great Britain, Norway and Sweden. 

Such version of a genesis vikings is obtained by me from the historian - traveller through the journalists taking from him(it) interview.  

 Thur's Heyerdal thought, that " Ancient vikings were from Skytia ". 

  What lacks for his(its) this version? 

bulletSkytia and ground vikings are parted not only in space of thousand kilometers and family by seas , but also time more than in one thousand years. On conventional chronology, in the third century up to AD. sarmatians have "helped" skytians to vanish as the people. And the beginning of a great campaign vikings behind oof and glory is dated a start(! by the begining of) of the ninth century. To envision more than thousand years in quality "of incipient" period of development of original culture vikings it is possible, certainly, but it is inconvenient. "Hibernation" of the peoples in one thousand years even to imagine difficultly. However similar res judicatas are known for the historians. The hunnes on Gumilev's too have grown fond of art and culture skytians, after six centuries after disappearance skytians of the people. 
bulletVery much "revolutionary" transformation(conversion) of a household activities national and economic way of life. Skytians - nomad - stockbreeding, and vikings the people warriors-navigators. 
bullet Remain without explanation and financing of poor Scandinavia of those times Roman gold, and queen from alanines (Asa) with grandparents vikings, and rich tombs with the ships(spacecrafts) without skeletons (kenotaphes) under Stockholm. 
bullet For skytians there is that exaggerated snakesfilia (love to the snakes), which one is in art vikings. Where its(her) radicals? 
bulletFurther away in time will defend from each other skytians aggression against kimmerian and persian and aggression vikings against the european peoples. And warlike this "virus", as art and love to it(him), someone owed is carried by through centuries and thousand years. 
bullet Swords vikings from country of hunnes, and country this, as is demonstrated in maiden my book, is in about Dniepers. But it is territory Skytia's. And as it could receive Thur has not told. It(he) skytians searches for the radicals, and here hunnes. What for they to it(him)!? 
    Is true what for? 
The daddy! I congratulate with issuing of the maiden book. Give is representable by its(her) russian and on the English readers, while. I think, that its(her) issuings and on other european languages in due course will appear.  
 There was to the public book - historical research

Amel'chenko Vladimir Maximovich


In the book fascinatingly also is simplly recited about looking up of grandparents of eastern slavs with engaging of a complex of scientific disciplines

The summary

In this book of the writer of a site < A forgot russian history > the evidences of discovery of grandparents of eastern slavs in times preceding Kiev Russia are collected. The history of originating of the ancient Russian people is traced on vast historical period. The decisive, noncontradictory evidences which have justified a working hypothesis (version) are adduced.

The convincing arguments of a number of scientific disciplines are substantiated with computer simulation and materials of complex expeditions, and also discoveries in the field of ancient geography, in arñhaeologic and ethnography.

The working version elucidates also number others < of dark places > of a world history (Roman empire, empire Gunny, peoples of northern Europe (vikings)). Construction of activity and the gradual submission (supply) of the information transforms reading into fascinating travel in heroic and at the same time tragical past grandparents.

For a wide range of the readers having concern to the past people, sources of riddles Russian throttle, to features of national nature, language and customs.

Amel'chenko Vladimir Maximovich, not only writer of this book, but also popular site in a worldnet the Internet. It (he) hails you, the respected readers and readers, wishes all values and kind health! Invites you to a debatable forum of a site and invokes in shelves of the advocates of an ancient Russian history.

You are convinced, that they per all centuries were and Vasilises Fine and very wise, but not always Penelopes.

And the mother -in - law (horror) - appears, incidentally not the killed mother the wife (intended for a chock)!

The citizens of Rome, Jews, arabs and Greeks - "sponsors" of city designing and building on ancient Russia - Gardariks - country of cities and hails on the vikings language.

The role of our princes is updated. And Svjatoslav was maiden, who to the full has taken advantage of force, which one was given under his arm by authority of military democracy on Ancient Russia.

From this book written lively and interesting, but is strict and is demonstrative, you learn also about new know-hows on a service of a history and much other interesting to the regional specialists and travellers in time and in space.

The book can be gained for the booksellers of Krasnodar, Rostov, Eysk, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Omsk and for the writer

On farewell I on behalf of our family "tandem" thank Youth portal about Great Britain ClickUK for the submitted capabilities. We thank a service charge-free hosting Narod.ru for "window" and not sink the boat - page for travels in infinite spaciousnesses of the Internet apart.

  Yours faithfully, Mary

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