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The site is wholly devoted ancient and most ancient (up to the annals) to a history of one of roots of Russian nation - ancient rusies. It is the period from the end of the last era till the ninth century of our era. The history etnos is considered(examined) with wide attraction of the facts and methods of a history, geography, geology, archaeology and linguistics, antropology and ethnography.

The working name of discussion: "The Forgotten Russian history ".

What for it is all it is necessary?

By this introduction clause the discussion on a most ancient Russian history opens. The constraining, pejorative references on " our mentality " is those are rejected by the organizer of discussion without any clauses. The basic nation of the great country is worthy to have the past! Also can it(him) know.

Our and annalistic history will suffice on three peoples. And the truth should triumph. It is not normal, that we do not remember the ancestors. Instead of being him(it) grateful for that that they were, and due to this there are we!

To what the author and organizer of discussion aspires?

He can not up to all Russian in pleasure to know a history of the people. As as a children's fairy tale, they acquire her(it), almost with parent milk. He asks you to take part in discussion. Set questions. Let's together to untangle puzzles, which are put to us by(with) a history of Russian people. Let's unit the intelligence against a conspiracy of fast time.

In what a problem?

There is an opinion of the historian V.А. Kuznezov that, on an example, in the beginning V the century of Russian nation yet was not and consequently a campaign vandales, alanies and sveves in Gallia it is impossible to consider(examine) as the first intrusion Russian in Europe.

On this basis V.А. Kuznezov the smiths contrary to G.V. Vernadskiy Russian in general refuses in a history in those times. In other, this reception can be applied to a history of any modern people, referring with a sneer each time on a parable about Adam and Eva, as about common our ancestors.

G.V. Vernadskiy, on the contrary, proceeds from the version, that sarmatae-alanies the tribe Ruchs-as was actually part of the ancient rusies.

What this implies?

At such approach to a history nothing remains another how to announce by a miracle occurrence on extensive spaces of East Europe of the large and strong state of a middle ages - Kiev Rus'. And the miracles (in our modest opinion) happen extremely seldom, and frequently it appear by falsifications.

Who is guilty in existence of such paradox?

From finds of the scientists proving, that there was a background at Kiev Rus', waved away both state, and church.

The representatives first on the ground that up to Kiev Rus' of the state still, the pier, was not, and there is nothing a history to write. There is no state - there is no also history in opinion of the state figures.

The representatives of church - on the ground that the christianity was accepted in times knjaginja Ol'ga, and before was Rus' pagan, instead of christian, hence, like as though her(it) and was not at all.

Were mistaken both those, and others

First were mistaken because on an empty place such grandiose (especially on those times) the event does not occur - the experience of ancestors, refinement of mind(wit) and consciousness, skills of management generated self-consciousness and culture of the people or most active part it(him) is necessary.

Second could not prove advantages carefully chosen by the governments, of new religion to ancestors of our uneasy people and resorted faster to fire and I mark(aim), were at war with the people, as with unreasonable herd, which by the way desperately resisted and resists till now. In opinion of the representatives of church Russian people in weight after epoch of an atheism becomes one of most superstitious.

To force it(him) it is very complex(difficult). To convince easier, but too not all and not for ever. To that the history testifies.

If to consider(count) as the period of change of generations 30 years, only 53 generations separate us from those times and 67 generations from Christmas of the Christ.

Therefore and educated church it is necessary to know a history and people, even from these times.

And the democratic state should be believed in creative forces of the people and ancestors it(him), in ability to study at the next peoples, even. You see a name of these ancestors the state and church and till now carry with pride. There is a Russia and Russian orthodox church.

67 generations it not so it is a lot of, taking into account relative conservatism of the last time. (the Author assumes development of a society(community) and intellectual part it(him) not on linear dependence, and on an abrupt parabola, in other not always smooth and continuous, if certainly comparisons to mathematical functions) here are pertinent.

So what for all this is necessary for us?

To know an original history especially it would be desirable, that on L.N. Gumilev the life expectancy этноса makes 1300-1500 years. And in a history essentially depends both energy, and sensation of the world, and, at the end, on age destiny.

Who we how the people (etnos)?

Whether we experience mature years, or - on a threshold " of gold autumn ", or painful(unhealthy) the old man,, can fill the life only with aspiration to well-being and rest, yes to grumble on youth?

In any case. In knowledge - force! Glory of a history!

The names and the self-names etnoses play very large (if not the main role) in life them and in destiny.

About names.

Army at prince in olden time referred to as and named itself Rus'. Subsequently Rus' has mixed up with the slavs, but the name has transferred to one of the numerous peoples of then Europe. Due to the incorporated energy and vital force, and, accumulating them, the name has found independent life. In struggle for existence the nation and people has realized itself, having reserved the self-names of both ancestors. (Slavs we and Russian besides!)

Already in modernity(present) the people was some time Soviet, and again became Russian. The power of a name results that Russian in the environmental world refer to as all come from former USSR and Russia, any nationalities.

From a history of the state we know, when the energy of the people with such power name was poured through edge(territory) established order of life, the military campaigns and attacks were undertaken. There were splits in church. Were announced kazakes, and by the seas the pirates (about them we know less). This energy and with the new owners of North, Siberia, Far East and America was given vent. So this energy continues to be given vent and in the present times as waves of Russian emigration.

Situation with names have repeated through thousand years. In due time of carriers of this energy, enterprise and intelligence named sarmatae and savromatae, alanies and roxalanies, rusies and Russian. The historical sources testify to it.

So on V.А. Kuznezov the term "alanies" at first designated any ethnic group inside aorses, then was distributed to all iranish the tribes of the ancient world of the South of Russia, becoming the term faster political, collective for large breeding association.

About same occurs now to the term "Russian".

Link between these by two terms two by names (alanies and the rusies) - the name sarmatae-alanies the tribe ruchs-as.

In translation with osetinian "ruchs" - light, "as" - alanian. "ruchs-as" - light alanian. It was the self-name of one of the tribes of the ancient rusies difference, underlining them, from other tribes. The blonds were our ancestors.

Such hypothesis. Prevent, doubting in the validity her(it), we shall explain the following. Any theory (hypothesis), always has three stages of existence:

- Complete non-recognition (children's, pier, bable);

- In it something is (when the theory continues to live and to develop);

- Well, also that in it new, is all for a long time it is known! (when to disappear to the sceptics and critics there is no place).

In my opinion we now between the first and second stages.

The author wants, in a measure of the abilities, to show to the interested reader Atlantides of Russian History. Her(it), usual for Russian, zigzags  during this period. And magic transformation of the people cavalrymen in the sea people. And vital force of ancestors ours, when the History goes forward not "thanking", and "contrary to" Destiny, and talented use by discendants of experience of ancestors in military business and navigation and still much another... 

And the discussion will help with this multidifficult business very much. I hope. I invite you personally on discuss..
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